Readers’ Letter: Storm causes sad end for Bramley Park cherry blossom tree

Bramley Park tree damage. Photo: Roger Cliff

Words: Roger Cliff, Bramley

A sad end to an old cherry blossom tree on Bramley Park, thanks to Storm Arwen.

Bramley folk of a certain age will remember that next to the former Rose Garden, there was a bowling green.

I can’t remember it being used, and over many years had fallen into a poor state.

About 10 years ago they decided to make the park bigger, by digging up this old bowling green, and creating a small kiddies’ football pitch.

There was quite a bit of controversy when they dug up the lovely hedges that surrounded the old green, but did leave these two cherry blossom trees. Now we just have the one.

West Leeds Dispatch Sun, 11 Dec 2016, 20:32 to me


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