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Reader’s letter: Public should ‘shop’ taggers

SIR,- I am a Leeds born and bred man living away from the city but I receive this communication daily and stay in touch with your local developments.

I was unhappy to learn (WLD, 17 September 2023) tagging graffiti is becoming a problem in Headingley, Hyde Park, Woodhouse, Farnley, and Wortley (my own area).

I have just returned from Italy where tagging has been out of control for some years.

Police assets are too finely stretched to be employed in resolving this invasive practice which after a time becomes ugly rather than artistic. I recommend that the public ‘shop’ the perpetrators; turn them in. You have a problem that you, the residents, must try to solve yourselves before you are overwhelmed by it.

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  1. Great idea, unfortunately it’s pointless because no one will respond. I took photos and a video of several teenagers graffiti daubing behind the shops in Farnley. Reported it to the council and police… The police said they might send someone out in a few hours which was pointless because the kids obviously weren’t hanging around for the police. I sent the photos to the council, the kids were easily identifiable due to them idiotically spraying their initials and one being so dumb as to spray his actual name. Nothing was done and the graffiti is still there a year later.


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