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Reader’s letter: Council ‘mistaken’ over Wortley homes plans

I read the article regarding planning permission for Prospect House situated on Fawcett Lane in LS12 (West Leeds Dispatch, September 10), writes Terry Wilford.

I believe the reasons cited by the Leeds City Council Conservation officer in the Conservation Team Report hold no grounds for the negative reaction of planners with regard to the demolition of the building and the development of family homes.

The building is unsafe. Children and youths gain access and the building is an accident waiting to happen. I have informed the Council on numerous occasions that the building either needs to be secured or demolished.

At the minute Prospect House is a derelict slum and is of no architectural merit. I have spoken to neighbours and I feel I am expressing the wishes of my community because many people feel the same therefore a development needs to be encouraged.

Fawcett Lane is beautiful with stunning views and a perfect location for development, but there is dumping at the roadside and this pollutes the whole area.

I have lived next door to Prospect House for 13 years and watched it slowly degrade, if the planner believes that Prospect House makes a positive contribution to the local environment then he is sadly mistaken.

The ex-children’s home is Cliffe House which is further down Fawcett Lane and was recently vandalised and burnt out.

Terry Wilford,

 Fawcett Lane, Wortley,


West Yorkshire.


  1. Terry is right about this. The site is a safety hazard, adds no architectural merit to the area and attracts kids hanging around the area who could end up hurting themselves. The site does either need securing properly or to be demolished.


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