Reader’s letter: Help us maintain ‘Wortley’s Wembley’ for community use

TV Harrison ground
The TV Harrison ground off Oldfield Lane in Wortley.

Dear neighbour;- I want to bring you up to date with the current position of the TV Harrison Sports Ground in Wortley.

First, all of us involved with the campaign very much appreciate the support of the local community. There is no doubt that your support has been significant in preventing the city council developing the ground. 

The background to the campaign is pretty well known. If you are new to the area or wish to refresh your memory, then please go to the campaign’s website. The history of the ground and all the details of our victories in the High Court, plus the key listing of the ground as an Asset of Community Value, are there. If you want any further information do please contact us using the details below.

The four years of successful campaigning have been tough but we are reaching the final stage. The involvement of Leeds United has been important and we are looking forward to the ground being bought, initially by our association, and to the whole site then being made available bit by bit for both outdoor and indoor sports and as a community centre. 

In the meantime we really need your practical assistance. Maintaining the pitch and the surrounding spectator areas is a big task.

We have a small team of dedicated volunteers and we have the expensive equipment required to maintain it, but we are in urgent need of more local volunteers to assist with clearing the overgrowth, keeping the football pitch fit for matches and, particularly, for the regular training sessions and facilities for local children. 

Could you possibly spare an hour or two to join our practical team that maintains the ground? It can be during the week or at weekends to suit your availability.

The existing team members are all local volunteers and they would make you very welcome. No specific skills are required, just a willingness to help in this important work.

If you can join us, just send an e-mail or message to Steve Houseman at Steve lives on Oldfield Lane and co-ordinates the work on the ground and can agree mutually convenient days and times with you.  

If you are unable to help with the practical work then perhaps you could make a donation to help defray the high costs of campaigning and of maintaining the ground. Just complete and return the form below.

Thank you for all your help. 

  • TV Harrison Community Action Group

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