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Reader’s letter: Election candidates should improve our streets to boost walking

SIR;- Our future councillors need to prioritise improving our streets in their upcoming term to help people choose cleaner and healthier ways to travel.   

The benefits of people walking more are plentiful, from increased physical activity and better health to reduced congestion and cleaner air.   

Ahead of local elections and National Walking Month this May, walking charity Living Streets has set out seven steps to create better places for walking in their ‘Blueprint for Change’. Steps include maintaining pavements, improving pedestrian crossings, and investing in public transport. You can read more about this at

All these measures can make walking a safer and more attractive option and help bring our communities and streets to life.  

It’s time to give walking the priority it deserves.

Ian Bentley, 115 Town Street, Farsley, Pudsey.


  1. I fully endorse the view that walking and other forms of active travel should be encouraged. The Greenside Greenway is a great local asset for those who live in Pudsey. More safe connections needs to be made to encourage residents out of their homes.
    As vice chairman of the Greenside Greenway I can state that we have great cross party support, certainly from the major parties.


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