Reader’s letter: Come on Bramley: Make us proud, make us safe!

The Friends of Bramley Park line up for their first litter pick. The group was only formed last month. Photo: Philip McConnell

UNLIKE the many unspoken heroes/heroines within our community, who go out in all weathers, I will confess I am a newbie to community litter picking.  

Even so, I just had to mention how amazed I was by the amount of broken glass I come across. Why? Who does this? Is the No 14 bus stop really a good place to leave empty glass bottles?

And the amount of broken glass left lying on streets/pavements in the Bramley area, is becoming a significant health risk.  

Points to remember –

• Broken glass and other sharps are physical hazards

• Broken glass also has the potential to be a health hazard if it is contaminated eg  chemicals, blood, or infectious substances which could enter the body via cuts or punctures

And who, given the current state of our NHS, really wants to spend hours in A&E awaiting treatment – if they’re lucky?

It doesn’t take too long before those discarded glass bottles on tops of walls, on the ground etc, end up smashed into pieces and who knows where else. Spare a thought for our local children playing or walking to school, our older or disabled residents (especially the partially sighted) who may have difficulty walking.  

Not to mention dangers to traffic swerving to miss, or going over broken glass on the road. Then, of course, there’s our pets.

Guidelines advise take to nearest bottle bank, do not place in wheelie bins. Lids can be left on bottles and jars as they’ll be recycled too. Report an untidy or overflowing bottle bank by calling or texting 07891 277226 – include the street name the bank is closest to – see Nearest Bottle Bank Near Me (  

So, to whom it may concern: Think on – take your bottles home with you, dispose of them safely! Where practical – dispose of broken glass safely – before it becomes a risk to others. Wear suitable gloves!  

Where larger amounts of glass are involved or removal is impractical, contact Leeds City Council’s Department of Environmental Health, who will advise accordingly –  see Report a road, path, or cycle lane that needs cleaning (

Residents: If you are aware of vandalism or if anti-social behaviour is a problem, call Leeds City Council on 0113 222 4402.

Landlords: Take responsibility – advise your tenants accordingly! 

Community Litter Pickers: A big thank you for the hours you put in. Noted that Litter Free Pudsey were recently nominated for an environmental achievement award – maybe Bramley next?

  • Win Roddy, Bramley

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