Rachel Reeves MP: ‘Kamikaze budget risks family finances of every household’

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves

By Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves

I know that many people across Leeds West have been extremely concerned by the rising cost of living over the past few months, especially given the recent announcement that inflation has risen into double figures, and the Government’s refusal to rule out swinging cuts to our public services.  

I was recently asked whether I feel sorry for Liz Truss, as she struggles to remain as Prime Minister through a crisis of her own making. 

Her kamikaze budget of unfunded tax cuts for the richest has risked the family finances of every household, and now that the damage is done, she has reversed these decisions to save her own skin.  

Mortgages may increase on average by £500 per month, businesses face ruin, people’s hopes and ambitions have been shattered. My compassion is for the families unsure how they will make ends meet this month, the pensioners skipping meals, the young people giving up on their dream to own their own home.  

In Leeds West and across Britain, we need a fresh start.  

We should be thriving and leading the world as a country. We have so much great potential to lead in the industries of the future, whether that is hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, floating offshore wind and new nuclear. 

But we’re not leading because we are just going from crisis to crisis. 

Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan, our plans to scrap business rates and make them a fairer system so that high streets across Yorkshire and our country thrive again, and our modern industrial strategy are all policies to ensure that we are the global leaders in the future. 

I want to build the future that Britain deserves – by creating quality jobs, insulating 19 million homes, and creating Great British Energy, a home-grown energy company, to ensure we have more control over our power. 

With a Labour Government, we would build a better country together.  

On a local level, I would like to remind you all that my constituency office in Bramley is here to help with any issues you might have. You can get in touch on the following details:    

  • E-mail: rachel.reeves.mp@parliament.uk    
  • Telephone: 0113 255 2311    
  • Letter: 8A Bramley Shopping Centre, Leeds, LS13 2ET  

    Some of the issues I can support with include housing, domestic abuse, crime and anti-social behaviour concerns, debts and budgeting, applying for Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and other benefits, immigration and passport queries, and transport. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or queries.  


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