Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Rachel Reeves MP calls for more action at Farnley Reservoir

Leeds West MP is calling for more to be done to help restore Farnley Reservoir to its former glory.

Ms Reeves said that progress has been made at the reservoir with two clean ups carried out over the summer months by Yorkshire Water volunteers – but said more needs to be done to improve and maintain the area in the future. Ms Reeves said:

“I will now be working with Leeds City Council and Yorkshire Water to make the case for the much needed clearance of the build-up of silt in the water and regular clean-ups. I will also be asking for bin’s to be placed around the area to help alleviate litter from local takeaways.”

In a statement on Facebook, Ms Reeves added:

“Farnley Reservoir has potential to be an area which local residents can enjoy. I will continue to push for its ongoing improvements so it does not fall back into the neglected eyesore it has been previously.”

Farnley and Wortley Green Party councillor Ann Blackburn is also chasing up Yorkshire Water about de-silting the reservoir and has pledged to continue to apply pressure to get it done.

Running alongside Ms Reeves’ calls for improvements, is a campaign by Farnley resident Daniel Riley.

He has launched a petition after growing increasingly concerned about what he says is a lack of lifesaving equipment around the reservoir if people fall in.

Fencing and signs warning of people about the dangers of water have recently been installed by the council.

Mr Riley’s petition, which currently has 67 signatures, can be found here.


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