Petition calls for Farnley Reservoir safety improvements


A petition has been launched to help make Farnley Reservoir a safer and cleaner place.

Farnley resident Daniel Riley has launched the petition after growing increasingly concerned about what he says is a lack of lifesaving equipment around the reservoir if people fall in. He’s also concerned about the maintenance of the reservoir and the number of objects dumped or thrown in it.

Mr Riley said:

“I’ve being in constant contact with Yorkshire Water and Leeds City Council over the past two years regarding the safety and condition of this reservoir. So far I’ve had no joy. 

“This reservoir mainly attracts families and lone children with this site being located so close to McDonalds.”

Mr Riley’s concerns include: 

– The height of falling or jumping into the reservoir
– The depth of the water, which changes and is unpredictable
– Submerged objects may not be visible
– Lack of safety equipment and increased difficulty for rescue
– Uneven paths.

Mr Riley has taken up the issue with Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves. Two recent events saw litter being removed from around the edge of the reservoir, but there were local calls for more to be done.

Mr Riley is urging people to sign the online petition ahead of presenting it to Yorkshire Water and the council.

The petition can be found here.

Farnley balancing reservoir helps store rain water that flows off properties and roads in the area and holds it in the pond to prevent flooding further down the valley in Wortley.






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