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Pumpkin walk offers socially distanced Hallowe’en with a difference in Armley

Families and children who are not comfortable with the visiting houses for trick or treat due to COVID-19 can take part in the LS12 Armley Pumpkin Walk.

Instead of knocking on doors to get sweets, parents give the children a sweet for each pumpkin they spot, so there is no contact between lots of different households.

The event is being organised by Ian Thursfield and others and is scheduled to run over several days around Hallowee’en. Posting on Facebook, he said:

“The basic idea is this will help families, social groups and kids enjoy a Halloween activity if there are any lockdowns or for people not comfortable with visiting houses for trick or treat in 2020.

“We are currently looking for places that can host a pumpkin for the walk and don’t mind having families walking past their house. All you need is a carved pumpkin and a place where it is viewable to the public.”

Anyone interested in hosting a pumpkin should visit the event’s Facebook page here


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