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Council proposes double yellow lines on these West Leeds streets

Double yellow lines could be introduced at a number of West Leeds roads and junctions to improve access for waste collection vehicles.

Leeds City Council is hoping to introduce “no waiting at any time” restrictions on various junctions and lengths of road across the city to remove indiscriminate and obstructive parking.

It’s proposing to advertise the measures, which are earmarked for across the city for a total cost of £25,000, and then introduce them, subject to any local objections.

Proposed roads in West Leeds include parts of:


Hill End Crescent
Armley Hill End Close


Whincover Hill
Stonecliffe Terrace
Stonecliffe Grove
Stonecliffe Drive


Kellet Drive
Kellet Place
Kellet Terrace
Greenside Avenue
Greenside Terrace


Tofts Road/Pavillion Way.

The orders would include an 18-month experimental period. If there are no valid objections, the traffic orders would be made permanent.

More details can be found in council documents here.


  1. Double yellow lines need putting in the entrance to Lovell Park View off Wintoun Street the number of stupid drivers that park right in the entrance narrow the gap to single file making it hazardous for anyone leaving or entering. The highway code states you SHOULD NOT PARK opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, but apparently Leeds City Council choose to ignore this rule. I have raised this with them before to no avail, it seems that whoever runs the parking in the council knows better and chooses to flout the law.

  2. High Ash/Wigton Lane
    You have just put yellow lines High Ash Crescent/Ave, But there are far worse areas…..

    Wigton Lane/High Ash Drive is very bad, but High Ash Drive/ Avenue is even worse made so by Leeds Grammar School pupils parking and making it very dangerous. I have had so many near misses there and with all the building activities going on, blockages and jams are common Police bookings are occurring. Something must be done


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