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Pudsey Tory MP Stuart Andrew to step away from town

Pudsey Conservative MP Stuart Andrew has today confirmed rumours he will not stand in Pudsey at the next election.

As reported by WLD, the Boundary Commission is recommending the creation of a new constituency called Leeds West and Pudsey, which will abolish and carve up Mr Andrew’s existing constituency, which includes, Pudsey, Farsley and Calverley, and put them in with Armley, Stanningley and Bramley.

Other parts of his current constituency, including Horsforth, Guiseley and Yeadon, will move into the new Leeds North West constituency.

The changes will come in for the next general election, which is likely to be held in 2024.

Visit: Stuart Andrew MP during a visit to Scrap at Sunny Bank Mills.

Mr Andrew, a former councillor in Leeds, has represented Pudsey since 2010 and says he hasn’t ruled out standing elsewhere.

He has written to Conservative members to say he will not be standing and that the party needs someone younger than him with a 20-year vision for the constituency.

Mr Andrew said in his letter that serving the Pudsey constituency has been the “privilege of a lifetime.


  1. Just another Tory not willing to stand and fight for his constituents (but willing to stand elsewhere,where he has a more favourable chance).

  2. Just another Tory.
    As documented on this website, this Tory was one of the last to resign from Boris’s government ” As a matter of principle “, but within 48 hours had accepted a promotion offer from Boris.
    Make your own judgement.

  3. Good riddance. A Tory ‘Yes Man’ with no scruples and a voting record that is full of gaps, a deplorable attendance in parliament and undertones of racism. No compassion and loyalty only to himself. Oh and he’s only jumping before he’s pushed. Off you pop Stuart, don’t feel the need to come back anytime soon.

  4. Ducking out to hang onto office. The new constituency more likely to be Labour thank goodness. His decision deprived remainders like me from punishing him for supporting wrexit which has damaged our economy and place in the world. Good riddance

    • I take it by Wrexit, you are referring to the democratic principle of people to have a say in what they wish? As they do at every General Election. And, because you didn’t agree with it then you are one of those who went along with those who stated “We should have another vote as we didn’t know what we were voting for”. So, at the next election, when the prevaricator and refusal to apologise woman Reeves gets in, (look up her refusal to apologise to Tim Martin for making comments about a meeting which never took place!) it will be OK for me to say, and continue saying. ” We didn’t know what we were voting for in a Labour MP, ie, Reeves “, and go on for years asking for another vote? By the way, I am all for Andrew departing our community, as he has been nothing but a self serving failure. The only true way to get democracy is to have each candidate standing on an independent basis, then they will be judged on what they do for their community, not how far they can rise up the greasy pole by being connected to a particular party. And just to clarify my position, I have Conservative values, I come from a mining family. But I believe in fairness, decency and honesty. Values which seem to be sadly lacking nowadays.

  5. It’s not good enough for him now he doesn’t have Pudsey and Farsley, ong with Calverley they are all upmarket area’s.
    Stanningley has always been forgotten about, the only MP that has helped us is Kevin Richie and he is Labour.

    • What a daft comment.
      And Kevin Ritchie isn’t an MP he’s the councillor for Bramley & Stanningley. Think before you post please.

      Kind regards – a council house tenant in ‘posh’ Farsley.


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