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Pudsey: New houses planned for green belt garage site

Revised plans for housing on a green belt site in Pudsey have been submitted by developers.

Plans for five houses on the Troydale Garage site off Troydale Lane were first submitted last September, but council planning officers raised concerns about the type of houses planned and road layout and the proposal was withdrawn.

Applicant Mr K Coates, of Troydale Garage, says in a  planning statement accompanying the application that the site is in the Green Belt.

He argues the site has been intensively developed and has a history of industrial use dating back to at least the early 19th century.

He plans to demolish the existing garage and said the housing design now followed a ‘courtyard’ concept. He added:

“Informal advice from planning officers confirmed that they would consider it appropriate to remove the existing development from this site and redevelop with properties whose footprint did not exceed that of the existing buildings. The proposed scheme represents a reduction to 65% of the existing building’s footprint.”

The plans can be viewed in full here.


  1. Great news, more house’s must be good for the community. Hope Mr Coates is successful. I am a troydale resident and welcome the news. Green belt, well I believe I have heard it all, industrial is a understatement.


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