Pudsey councillor Trish Smith quits Conservative party

Trish Smith

By John Baron

Pudsey councillor Trish Smith has resigned from the Conservative party and will continue as an independent councillor.

Cllr Smith, who has been a Pudsey councillor for five years, announced her resignation from the party last night, just hours after the Leeds City Council local election count.

In a statement on social media, Cllr Smith said: “I’m absolutely delighted for, and extremely proud of, colleagues at the local elections today. Sticking your head above the parapet is never easy, regardless of the party.

“Today the Conservative Party lost three amazing councillors – Amanda [Carter, Calverley & Farsley], Paul [Alderson, Guiseley & Rawdon] and Mike [Foster, Ardsley & Robin Hood]. All very hard working and great friends, a sad day indeed.

“That said, I have taken the very difficult decision to resign from the Conservative Party. I feel I have no option but to take this action. I will, for now at least, remain your local councillor.

“I have some key casework that I would like to see through, together with the major project to deliver Pudsey Town Hall back to the people of Pudsey. Something I’ve worked on now, despite being constantly thwarted, for almost four years. This is completely non-political and will be managed by the CIC, but I have to be in post to finish what I started with the LCC administration.

“I hope you can all understand my position, still supporting me and my community work. Thank you all.”

Cllr Smith this morning told WLD she did not want to add to her statement.

Conservative councillor Dawn Seary yesterday retained her seat in Pudsey. Cllr Smith’s departure leaves the Conservatives with two councillors in Pudsey.

The overall political makeup of the council after yesterday’s count and Cllr Smith’s decision is:

  • Labour: 61 seats (unchanged)
  • Conservative: 14 seats (down four)
  • Liberal Democrats: 6 seats (unchanged)
  • Green: 5 seats (up two)
  • Morley Borough Independents: 4 seats (unchanged)
  • Garforth and Swillington Independents Party: 3 seats (unchanged)
  • Social Democratic Party: 3 seats (up one)
  • Independents: 3 seats (up one).


  1. So sad to hear this, Trish is such a wonderful lady and has worked so hard for the people of Pudsey, always at the end of the phone when needed and has always jumped straight onto any issues raised, you will be greatly missed

  2. I’m sure she’s a fine councillor but I feel its very wrong to campaign on the Conservative ticket knowing that will give her a better chance of winning (than independant), then the day after, resign from the party that almost certainly she wouldn’t have won as independant.

    Same goes for MP’s that swiotch sides tbh, should be new elections imo

    • Just to clarify, she hasn’t done that Simon. She’s been a Conservative councillor in Pudsey since 2019. As the article states, her former Conservative colleague Dawn Seary was re-elected in Pudsey at this year’s local elections.

  3. Sorry but I can’t see how that can be the case, perhaps she wasn’t on the ballot this time around

    She’s still a councillor
    She still represents Pudsey
    She swapped to Independant
    She was elected as a conservative


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