In photos: Kirkstall Brewery’s beer festival

Ross Clarke, founder/owner of Amity Brew Co, Farsley. Offering Spinning Mill, another beer 11% ABV. This one a stout. Photo: Ivor Hughes

Kirkstall Brewery’s second beer festival, at their brewery at 100 Kirkstall Road, has the appearance of being a much longer established event. Perhaps because they and their exhibitors have a long tradition at exhibiting at others. Or perhaps because many beer festivals are held in community centres and not inside traditional breweries. Ivor Hughes attended Friday’s opening.

All 20-plus exhibitors are there by invitation and not just tagging along to take advantage of the inevitable marketing opportunities. Between them they are exhibiting 80 beers, including numerous class prize winners.

Eleven classes of award are to be won at the event itself plus, of course, Overall Champion. Competition is tough.

The festival theme is traditional ales, though exhibitors include recent incarnations such as Farsley’s own Amity Brew Co.

The Saturday afternoon session is 12pm to 4.30pm, Saturday evening 6pm to 10.30am and Sunday afternoon 12pm to 4.30pm. Each has a variety of local on-stage entertainment. All sessions benefit from a wide range of catering.

Tickets for the Great Exhibition of Prize Ales can now be purchased here and are priced at £18 per session. Upon entry, ticket holders will receive a unique commemorative glass, a program, and their first beer token. Tokens for sale on the day are priced at £2.50 and can be exchanged for a 1/2 pint of beer under 7% ABV, or a 1/3 pint of beer 7% and above.

Five Points travelled from East London to show four beers, including this prize winning dark mild. Photo: Ivor Hughes
Mixing old and new. Anspach & Hobday (Bermondsey and Croydon) offers London Black, a nitro-gassed traditional porter. Photo: Ivor Hughes
Well staged – each session includes a variety of local entertainers. Photo: Ivor Hughes
All the regalia of a long established event. Photo: Ivor Hughes
Allsop’s Arctic Ale. A guest beer and prize winner on offer from Kirkstall Brewery’s own stand. One of the strongest at the event – 11% ABV. Photo: Ivor Hughes
Here three of the four beers on offer from Horsforth Brewery. Photo: Ivor Hughes
Only the best. The wide range of catering includes Mr D’s of Thorner. Here his national award winning speciality steak pie. Photo: Ivor Hughes


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