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Police continue Pudsey anti-social behaviour crackdown

Police say they’re continuing their crack down on anti-social behaviour in Pudsey Park and the town centre.

As reported by The Dispatch, vandals had been causing damage to the park area by ripping out flowers and destroying polanters, as well as targeting surrounding houses.

A statement issued by West Yorkshire Police states they are ‘in the process of dealing with several individuals’. They said:

“Of the individuals identified, nine have been spoken to by the police along with their parents in relation to the low level anti-social behaviour that has been happening.

“Three individuals have been dealt with for criminal damage offences, one is being referred through to the Leeds Youth Panel and one will be appearing in court in due course.

“We continue to carryout regular patrols in the hotspot areas and have been working alongside other agencies to gather evidence and support positive action against those individuals.”

If anyone has any information about anti-social behaviour in Pudsey, they can contact the Police via the non-emergency 101 system or 999 if it is an emergency. You can also report matters via the website or

A Pudsey resident has mapped ongoing provblems with anti-social behaviour in the town. The map can be found – and added to – here.






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