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Penny pinching ideas from the ‘auld git’: Learning basic skills can save money

Hi, all you wise and wonderful people. I was going to write about shoes in this article, however a sad event occurred.

My Aunty D died on Mother’s Day. She was my life-long inspiration and teacher when it came to saving money using DIY skills. 

Aunty D could bake the best scones you ever tasted. She created amazing greeting cards, each one special to the recipient.

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She was an expert in sewing, embroidery, painting and many more crafts. Aunty D was more than an aunt to me. She was the closest relationship to a loving mother I had.

We spoke often of how learning basic skills could save money.

My younger cousin Flossie – her daughter – is very creative but she just could not master sewing and knitting skills. These were skills Aunty D and I shared a love of.

For six decades I learnt many crafts, tips and tricks from her. Now it’s my turn to pass on age-old knowledge of the perfect loaf of bread.

In the time-honoured traditions of frugal women everywhere aunty Ds last instruction was:
“Hand me over to the crematorium in a coffin and collect me in a cardboard box.”

Next time kinky boots, bread pudding and two-ingredient fudge.

For all the ‘auld git’s penny pinching columns, follow this link.

by the ‘auld git’.


  1. Sympathy for you loss.Aunty D sounds just like my type of woman, reminds me of my Gran who taught me to knit and sew, read, write and do basic arithmetic before I went to school.


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