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Parks, police and shopping centre benches on Bramley Forum agenda

The removal of the benches at Bramley Shopping Centre will be debated by the community at the next Bramley Forum meeting.

The benches were removed by LCP Group in June, sparking a 1,000-name petition, concerns from councillors and weekly sit-down protests, with campaigners bringing their own seats.

Also on the agenda is the possibility of setting up a Friends of Bramley and Stanningley Park group and an update on local crime by the Leeds West Neighbourhood Policing Team.

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The Bramley Forum will be held on Thursday, 12 August at 7pm via Zoom and people living in Bramley and Stanningley are invited to attend and join the conversation.

You can join the meeting by following this link: Meeting ID 840 6086 1468, passcode 056187.

The meeting is run by Leeds City Council’s Inner West Community Committee and is chaired by Cllr Kevin Ritchie (Lab, Bramley & Stanningley).


  1. Don’t expect anything positive from LCP Group – they’re too busy blocking people on Twitter. They even blocked the lady who was featured in Leeds West Dispatch last week receiving a Local Hero Award from our MP Rachel Reeves – she’d done outstanding work with Bramley Community Clothing Exchange but LCP Group objected to her highlighting concerns about the removal of all the benches at the Shopping Centre. Of course they’ve blocked me too – despite my representing 16,000 Bramley residents as a member of Inner West Community Committee. I’m also a former Chair of Bramley Forum and frequently hosted representatives of the Shopping Centre who were good enough to attend our meetings years gone by. That was genuine community engagement – not like the arrogant and high handed bunch of turbo charged capitalists we have running the Centre now. They don’t give a stuff about the local community. Perhaps they’ll sit up and take notice if we hit them in the wallet by boycotting the Bramley Centre? It might well come to that the way things are going.


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