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New start date for crossing on dangerous Pudsey road

Plans to create a new pedestrian crossing on busy Kent Road in Pudsey are finally moving forward in the next few months.

A new humped zebra crossing was due to be installed last August following residents’ concerns over road safety.

But the work was delayed just before it was due to start due to ‘contractor programming matters’.

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Council chiefs have revealed that the dates for the footpath works of the Kent Road Humped Zebra Crossing are 6 March to 17 March 2023. During this time 3-way lights will be in place on Kent Road and Kent Crescent.

The installation of the crossing will take place from 9am on 18 March to 3pm the next day and will require a road closure. The works will be restricted hours from 9am-3pm.

Councillor Simon Seary (Cons, Pudsey) said: “I appreciate that it’s taking place during school term and will cause disruptions, but due to the previous delays with the scheme I’m just glad that the work is now booked in.”

Residents living in the Kent Road area have expressed long-running concerns about road safety – and in 2021 former Crawshaw sixth form student Chloe Freeman launched a petition to improve pedestrian safety on the 30mph road. The petition, which drew more than 1,000 signatures, called for action to make the road safer, particularly for pupils who cross the road.

WLD revealed in May that the crossing will be part of a £275,000 package of pedestrian safety measures across the city. 

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  1. Stanningley Bottom
    Can anybody give a figure of how much money Higheays have spent on this area in the last decade and a half?
    Users of this area have had no value at all for all
    that cash input and we still need an estimated spend of £100,000!
    Something seriously wrong here. The old Pudsey Council Borough Surveyor will be spinning in his grave.


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