More than 2,000 speeding drivers caught on Stanningley Road, say police

stanningley road a647 speeding
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More than 2,000 motorists have been caught speeding down Stanningley Road, police told residents attending an online Armley Forum meeting.

Inspector Phil Gill said the police’s speed enforcement team had caught 2,011 speeding drivers using mobile cameras on Stanningley Road in Armley over a 40-day period up until mid July. He told the meeting:

“This is a very significant amount. We have had days when got 10 and 25 people speeding, but on 25 June we caught 265 in that one day, on 26 May there were 356 – so the numbers are quite significant. We can’t be there all the time but you can see by the figures that there is a need for enforcement on that road.

“We are limited with our abilities, we only have a few speed guns but we continue to do our best.”

The action followed residents’ concerns over speeding on Stanningley Road, particularly at night.

Insp Gill also pointed to the issues with speeding in the Bradford Road area of the A647 – reported previously by WLD – but said it was proving difficult to meet the criteria to secure permanent speed cameras.

Insp Gill said a number of drugs operations had been carried out in the Armley area. Officers had targete shops suspected at selling illegal tobacco, including finding £30,000 of illicit tobacco in one shop as a result of community intelligence. He added:

“Please report things we need to know. Don’t assume that we know everything. Don’t feel like you’re telling us too much, it’s important we get community intelligence coming through.”

Inspector Gill also reported that crime in general in Armley was down on last year’s figures.


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