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Mark’s History: The householders of Bramley’s Westover Road

Words and photos: Mark Stevenson

I got myself into a bit of a muddle with this one.

At first I wanted to do a post on Westover Road in Bramley, which I think is one of the most interesting streets in West Leeds with its mix of terraced houses and cottages. 

I always do a search of the census just to see if anyone stands out from the crowd, but unfortunately for my fingers I found them all interesting and what made it even worse for my typing fingers nearly every house was on the census.

I told myself: “don’t be daft, you can’t do every house” – but all the houses were on the 1939 Register and this was done on the 29 September 1939. World War Two started on 1 September 1939.

The 1931 census was destroyed during the war and no census was taken in 1941. The 1939 Register was used to produce identity cards and ration books.

The Register was also used to administer conscription and the direction of labour and to monitor and control the movement of the population caused by military mobilisation and mass evacuation.

There were around 300 people living on Westover Road in September 1939 and I think it gives a good snapshot of people’s lives in Bramley at the start of the war as none of them really knew what was coming and how much their world was about to change.

Any spelling mistakes are intentional as I typed what I saw:

                              2, Westover Road

Ernest Airton 16th May 1899 40 Cloth Warehouseman

Milly Airton 11th July 1901 38 Dental Nurse Receptionist

Mary B Airton 7th November 1862 76 Widowed Retired Private Mean

Ruby G Wilkinson 4th January 1910 29 Paid Domestic Worker

Farrar Carter 28th November 1892 46 Installation Plumber Vision From USA

                              5, Westover Road

Eliza Ann Clegg 2nd November 1868 70 Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties

Mabel Clegg 25th August 1902 37 Typist Woollen Worsted Trade

                              7, Westover Road

Herbert Smith 12th September 1903 36 Iron Fettler

Lilian Smith 20th October 1908 30 Office Cleaning

Marjorie Smith 21st November 1930 8 Single At School

                              9, Westover Road

John Bailey 13th January 1893 46 Textile Labourer

Mary Bailey 26th December 1893 45 Unpaid Household Duties

Alan Bailey 6th September 1920 19Single Riveters Apprentice

                              11, Westover Road

Thomas W Tate 20th June 1898 41 Laundry Man Public Bath

Florence M Tate 18th June 1900 39 Textile Weaver Heavy Worker

                              12, Westover Road

John R Walker 2nd July 1906 33 Cheese Factory Selling Agent

Martha Walker 19th July 1873 66 Widowed Unpaid Household Duties

                              14, Westover Road

Robert Martin 23rd March 1871 68 Clerk To Clothing & Boot Factory

Mary Martin 28th July 1876 63 Unpaid House Duties

Mabel Marsh 8th August 1880 59 Unpaid House Duties

                              15, Westover Road

Maurice W Naylor 22nd October 1900 38 Builder Labourer Heavy Work 

Hilda M Naylor 28th March 1902 37 Household Duties 

Norman Naylor 18th December 1932 6 Single At School


                              16, Westover Road

Randolph Hirst 6th March 1906 33 Railway Worker (Bridge Painter)

Mabel Hirst 26th May 1906 33 Unpaid Domestic Worker

                              17, Westover Road

Ben Godward 9th December 1865 73 Widowed Retired Engineer 

                              19, Westover Road

Sam M Lawrence 19th March 1891 48 Market Gardener Own Accountant 

Dorothy Lawrence 2nd May 1890 49 Widowed Unpaid House Duties

                              20, Westover Road

Herbert R Tate 11th February 1900 39 Machine Shop Laborer Engineering 

Dorothy Tate 23rd September 1895 44 Unpaid Domestic Worker 

Alberta A Tate 5th January 1874 65 Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              21, Westover Road

John G Darnbrough 8th February 1880 59 Jobbing Compositor 

Edith Darnbrough 5th May 1882 57 Unpaid House Duties

Joseph R Darnbrough 29th November 1910 28 Setting Out

Stephen Sheeran 19th April 1911 28 Setting Out Tanning Trade

                              22, Westover Road

Frank Emmett 10th March 1894 45 Commercial Traveller Footwear Car Driver 

Bertha Emmett 24th February 1896 43 Clerk Constructional Engineer

Sarah A Mitchell 9th September 1864 75 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

                              23, Westover Road

Reginald H Nicholson 5th June 1898 41 Charge Hand Steel Treatment Dept Aircraft Works

                              24, Westover Road

Albert Harrison 23rd February 1863 76 Widowed Engineer Retired 

Elsie Harrison 23rd March 1897 42 Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties

Florence W (Winifred F) ??? (Phillips) 16th August 1922 17 Laundry Office Clerk

                               25, Westover Road

Joseph S Sailes 24th July 1890 49 Sheet Metal Worker Aircraft Work 

Lily Sailes 11th July 1891 48 Unpaid Household Duties

Ralph G Sailes 31st July 1921 18 Apprentice Sheet Metal Worker

                              26, Westover Road

James Byram 12th April 1859 80 Retired Leather Carrier

Bertha E Byram 15th January 1891 48 Unpaid House Duties

John Mortimer 3rd January 1879 60 Worsted Spinner (Inside Manager)

                              27, Westover Road

Eliza Mortimer 24th February 1891 48 Household Duties

Harry Knox 23rd May 1909 30 Tailor Special Measurer Cutter

Gladys Knox 27th October 1909 29 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

                              28, Westover Road

Joseph Gale 8th September 1890 49 Piano Sales Manager 

Grace E (Ellen) Gale 13th October 1891 47  Unpaid Domestic Duties

John Crossley 21st March 1857 82 Publican Retired

Elizabeth Hartas 11th August 1915 24 Domestic Servant

                              29, Westover Road

Arthur Dawson 20th February 1911 28 Carrier Leather Maker

Muriel Dawson 29th September 1912 27 Unpaid Domestic Duties

John B Walker 10th April 1910 29 Heavy Lorry Driver

Alice Walker 22nd July 1908 31 Unpaid Household Duties

                              30, Westover Road

Ada Thornton 23rd September 1862 77 Female Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties

Betsy M Thornton (Smith) 2nd December 1896 42 Second Mistress Lawnswood High School

Agnes G E Thornton 2nd October 1903 36 Formerly Teacher of Arts & Crafts At Technical Evening School Hour Insurance Collector ? of War

                              31, Westover Road

John Spencer 2nd November 1882 56 Warp Dresser & Twister

Annie Spencer 3rd October 1881 58 Unpaid Domestic Duties

Louie Spencer (Dickenson) 1st June 1912 27 Tailors Machinist

John L Spencer 25th April 1917 22 Apprentice Insurance Agent Served Time Apprenticeship To Organ Building & Woodworker

                              32, Westover Road

Elizabeth A Grimshaw 15th October 1864 75 Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties

??? Grimshaw 29th May 1899 40 Female Solicitors Clerk Shorthand Typist

                              33, Westover Road

Harry Spetch 17th March 1870 69  Warp Dresser Retired 

Florence Spetch 2nd February 1882 57 Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              34, Westover Road

Arthur B Briggs 14th May 1897 42 Fitter (Engineers) At Mescue Maintainance & Turning Copper Rollers For Textile Engineers

Agnes M Briggs 18th February 1904 35  Unpaid Domestic Duties 

Walter Hargraves 10th March 1869 70 Butcher (Shop Keeper) Retired 

Annie Hargraves 18th March 1870 69  Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              35, Westover Road

Albert M Cooper 8th July 1880 59 Iron Moulder Heavy Work

Ada Cooper 2nd February 1882 57 Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              36, Westover Road

Charles J P Goodall 4th March 1877 62 Schoolmaster Retired

Rachel A Goodall 20th September 1876 63 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

Charles B Goodall 2nd April 1904 35  Municipal Surveyor

Gladys M Goodall 25th January 1906 33 Doctors Dispenser 

                              37, Westover Road

Wilfred Illingworth 12th April 1909 30 Joiner For Refridgerators Lived Rooms & Arp Shelters Bench Hand All Blam

Muriel Illingworth 13th July 1910 29 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

                              38, Westover Road

Gilbert E Smith 8th August 1894 45 Chemist & Manager of Works (Heavy Chemist & Paints)

Emily H Smith 21st May 1894 45 Unpaid Domestic Duties

Muriel J Smith 14th March 1921 18  Full-Time Clerical Work Seeds Arp Headquarters 

                              39, Westover Road

Joseph Bayliffe 30th May 1903 36  Confectioner (All Round)

Clarice E Bayliffe 15th March 1904 35  Unpaid Domestic Duties

Doreen Clark (Greetham) 15th May 1897 42 Trained Elementary School Teacher

                              40, Westover Road

Samuel Greaves 5th June 1870 69 Textile Winding Foreman Retired

Annie B Greaves 25th August 1870 69  Domestic Duties

George Greaves 30th August 1901 38 Gardener (Rhubarb)

                              41, Westover Road

Chistiana Ingle 18th December 1864 74 Single Household Duties

                              42, Westover Road

Emma Sykes 5th April 1865 74 Widowed Retired

Arline Torr 7th December 1884 54 Paid Domestic Worker

Evelyn ??? (Stead) 7th December 1909 29  Pawnbrokers Assistant

                              43, Westover Road

Walter Heald 21st August 1897 42 Woollen & Worsted Weaving Overlooker) Heavy Worker

Florence E Heald 9th March 1902 37 Unpaid Domestic Duties

                             44, Westover Road

James H Booth 7th January 1876 63 Market Gardener Own Account

Charlotte E Booth 22nd March 1882 57 Unpaid Domestic Duties

Arnold B A Booth 26th April 1912 27 Maker Gardener Assisting Father

                              45, Westover Road

Aquila Millward 16th March 1911 28 Woodworking Draughtsman & Estima? Refrigeration & Air Raid Shelters

Ruth Millward 31st December 1912 26 Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              46, Westover Road

Harry Sowden 28th October 1877 61 Dairy Farmer Retired

Rhoda Sowden 15th June 1856 83  No Occupation

                              47, Westover Road

Lydia Hutton 5th October 1882 57 Baker In Business For Self 

James Hutton 11th December 1881 57 Dyers Labourer 

Lillian J Hutton (Clayton) 12th June 1912 27  Divorced Bakers Shop Assistant

                              48, Westover Road

John O’connor 6th April 1895 44 Tailors Passer & Khaki Air Force

Emily O’connor 23rd July 1890 49 Unpaid Household Duties

Annie ??? (Binn) 28th October 1918 20  Electric Kettle Assembler

Ivy Ethel ??? (Taylor) 24th October 1927 11  At School

Margaret O’connor (Hilton) 22nd September 1929 10 At School

                              50, Westover Road

John H Measures 2nd September 1882 57 Engineers Store Keeper 

Edith A Measures 15th March 1883 56  Unpaid Domestic Duties

John D Measures 11th January 1912 27  Pharmacist (Retail Manager)

                              51, Westover Road

Frederick W Stead 13th March 1875 64  Music Teacher Retired

Edith B Stead 4th November 1879 59  Unpaid Domestic Duties

Edwin N Stead 12th March 1914 25  Usually Book Keeper Cashier & Managing Clerk For Flag & Civic Decoratio? Maker At Present Arp

                              52, Westover Road

Sarah Ingle 31st July 1867 72 Single Retired School Mistress

                               53, Westover Road

Emily Akeroyd 28th November 1860 78 Boarding HouseKeeper

Doris M A Lancaster 2nd November 1897 41 Unpaid Household Duties

John M Summerscales 21st September 1901 38 Chief Costing Clerk Electrical & Colliery Engineering

                              54, Westover Road

Harold L Hunt 21st January 1906 33  Automobile Engineer Manager Maintenance Department In Largest Garage W D Work At ? 

Gladys M Hunt (Dodd) 31st March 1903 36 Domestic Science Teacher

                              55, Westover Road

Joseph I Child 31st March 1889 50  ??? 

Nellie Child 28th May 1889 50 Unpaid Domestic Worker 

Denis O Child 26th November 1921 17 Estate Agents

                              57, Westover Road

John W Tyas 8th October 1876 63 Widowed Corporation Railway Official Retired 

Ralph Tyas 31st May 1905 34 Male Married Electrical Service Engineer

Doris M Tyas 15th February 1912 27  Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              58, Westover Road

Gaunt Lee 4th November 1884 54  Formerly Manager of Retail Boot Shop Now Retired

Marian Lee 24th March 1892 47 Chief Clerk College of Technology

                              59, Westover Road

Emily Speight 7th November 1872 66 Widowed Unpaid Household Duties

Sylvia Carrick (Verity) 27th October 1917 21 Tailor Gents Suits

                              60, Westover Road

Sarah Bennett 25th March 1861 78  Widowed Private Means

William H Bennett 10th December 1894 44 Clerk (Order Clerk)

Doris Young 17th August 1892 47 Widowed Unpaid Domestic Duties 

Ada A Allison (Walker) 28th September 1903 36  General (Domestic)

                              61, Westover Road

Frank Wright 29th March 1907 32 Local Government Official Auditor

Lily Wright (Hayes) 21st September 1900 39 Unpaid Domestic Duties

Mary ??? (Grunt) 10th December 1909 29 Widowed Domestic Duties

                              62, Westover Road

Alfred N Clough 13th October 1891 47  Master Tailor 

Marie Clough 10th May 1896 43  Housekeeper 

Ethel Askless 23rd January 1885 54  Laundress 

                              63, Westover Road

Thomas Fryer 22nd November 1866 72 Dairyman At Own Account 

Martha Fryer 16th July 1868 71 Household Duties

                              64, Westover Road

 Arthur Wright 18th November 1889 49 Household Duties

Catherine Wright November 1922 16 Junior Clerk 

Jean Wright 13th October 1891 47 Master Tailor

                              65, Westover Road

Sarah E Firth 10th April 1856 83  School Mistress Retired

Samuel L Firth 12th May 1866 73 Retired Organist

                              66, Westover Road

Mary J Bastow 12th December 1886 52 Widowed Plumber Labourer

Frederick Light 19th May 1890 49 Unpaid Household Duties

Mary A E Light 9th December 1901 37  Shunt Stone Driver Lms Goods Hakin Worker

Harry Bloodworth 21st June 1910 29 Ladies Mantle Costumes Showroom Saleswoman

Mary A C Bloodworth 17th July 1931 8  At School

Derrick Bloodworth 3rd May 1887 52  Railway Clerk

                              67, Westover Road

Elizabeth Train 25th March 1887 52 Unpaid Household Duties

Gilbert A Train 10th November 1919 19 Apprentice Motor Mechanic 

Marjorie D Train (Wetherill) 5th June 1921 18 Woollen Weaver

                             69, Westover Road

Mary J L Stringwell 12th March 1863 76 Widowed Retired 

Hilda M Myers 25th March 1889 50 Dealer (Draper) Maker 

Rosetta Myers 6th January 1891 48 Dealer (Draper) (Maker)

                              73, Westover Road

Joseph J Hayes 19th December 1896 42 Joiner For Education A?

Mary C Hayes 15th October 1900 38  Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              74, Westover Road

Arthur Farrar 24th October 1882 56  Mason & Bricklayer

Marguerite F Farrar 9th October 1898 40  Unpaid Domestic Duties 

Lavinia Denning (Brown) 13th August 1922 17 Tailor Machinists Gents Clothing

Audrey J (Joan) Farrar (Lewis) 14th November 1925 13  At School

James A Farrar 16th August 1927 12  At School 

Phyllis S (C) Farrar (Westerman) 19th August 1935 4 Under School Age

Irene Farrar (Lyons, Hawkesworth) 7th February 1866 73 Unpaid Household Duties

                              75, Westover Road

Margaret Morley 4th September 1909 30 Unpaid Household Duties

Sydney Morley 11th November 1911 27 Builders Labourer Heavy Worker

John Davies 30th March 1900 39  Coal Merchant Heavy Worker 

Irene Davies 13th December 1921 17  Mill Doffer Heavy Worker

                              76, Westover Road

George Ingham 6th May 1874 65  Centre Lathe Turner 

Minnie Ingham 2nd June 1879 60 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

Marjorie Ingham (Terry) 22nd June 1916 23  Clothing Manufacturer Bookkeeper & Typist 

Edith Ingham (Cook) 13th November 1921 17  Single At School

                             77, Westover Road

David Wainwright 12th July 1873 66 Master Boot Maker & Repairer

Lavinia Wainwright 4th April 1876 63 Unpaid House Duties

Henry Turner 26th February 1920 19 Baker & Confectioner Cake Maker

                              78, Westover Road

Lucy Macfarlane 12th November 1893 45  Widowed Wanted Weaver 

Alan Pearson 7th July 1918 21 Plate Moulder Malable Ironworks Heavy 

John G Jackson 16th September 1884 55 Draughtsman Storeman 

                              79, Westover Road

Stanley Pearson 14th December 1911 27 Clothiers Pattern Hand

Alice Brown (Pearson) 22nd February 1906 33 Weaver Fancy Worsted

Ada Saunders (Anderson) 26th September 1905 34 Male Registered Nurse

                              80, Westover Road

Albert J Turner 11th June 1893 46  Labourer Engineering Work

Fanny J L Turner 24th December 1894 44  Collander Hand Laundr 

Clifford E Turner 9th February 1919 20 Motor Driver For Mineral Water Manufacturer 

George French 5th May 1917 22  Painter & Decorater 

Lavinia Davies 3rd March 1863 76 Widowed Unpaid Household Duties 

Percy Turner 8th May 1916 23 Worsted & Cotton Piercer 

Annie Turner 7th February 1917 22  Unpaid Household Duties

                               81, Westover Road

Ernest Britton 11th June 1897 42 Electrical Welder Structural Engineering & Boiler Making Heavy 

Lily Britton 13th September 1897 42 Unpaid Domestic Duties

David Britton 7th August 1937 2 Under School Age

                              82, Westover Road

Annie Appleyard 20th December 1875 63 Unpaid Domestic Duties

Maud Appleyard 3rd September 1882 57 Unpaid Domestic Duties

                              84, Westover Road

Florence A Whiteley 10th March 1873 66 Widowed Unpaid House Duties

Norman Whiteley 22nd February 1900 39 Poster & Colour Printers Traveller

                              85, Westover Road

Charles E Smith 29th August 1886 53 Farmer & Dairyman On Own Account 

Rose Smith 18th April 1894 45 Unpaid Household Duties

                              86, Westover Road

Harold Wilkinson 18th April 1900 39 Piano Tuner & Organist

Clara Wilkinson 16th April 1888 51 Piano Forte Teacher

                              87, Westover Road

John H Baldwin 27th September 1871 68 Licensed Victualler Retired

Florence H Baldwin 20th January 1872 67 Domestic Duties Unpaid

Olive Irwin (Lewin) 10th September 1899 40 Solicitor Clerk & Telephonist

                              89, Westover Road

Ernest Coggins 3rd May 1889 50 Hot Tenterer Textile Dyer Producive Maker Worker

Sarah E Coggins 4th May 1891 48 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

                              91, Westover Road

Arthur Rhodes 9th October 1870 69  Insurance Agent Retired

Ada Rhodes 23rd October 1870 68 Household Duties

                              93, Westover Road

Hubert Tolson 6th June 1892 47 Elementary School Teach

Minnie A Tolson 7th September 1898 41 Unpaid House Duties

                              95, Westover Road

Alice Wilson 20th May 1871 68 Widowed Unpaid Household Duties

Mary E Wilson (Holdsworth) 29th February 1912 27 Typist At Woollen Mill Office

                              97, Westover Road

Norton Thompson 7th February 1873 66  Woollen Manufacturer Sal? Semi Retired

Annie Thompson 3rd June 1871 68 Unpaid Household Duties

Norton A Thompson 30th January 1916 23 Assistant Designer In Worsted Manufacturer 

                              99, Westover Road

John Southall 25th February 1877 62 Methodist Minister

Gertrude A Southall 26th December 1883 55 Unpaid Domestic Duties 

Elsie R Southall (Booth) 19th June 1913 26 Shorthand Typist To Manufacturing Clernish & Druggist


  1. For 1 year only, as newly weds, we rented 18 Westover Rd. (Right hand side walking up from Town Street, overlooking the park through the back window.) The owner was Mrs Summerscale. At the time she was in a nursing home in Bramley. When she died in 1965 we had to move. The house was furnished with state of the art pieces from Waring and Gillow. Each had a metalic label on the underside with the date of purchase. Every piece had the same date. We concluded that Mr and Mrs Summerscales must have been people of substantial means.
    I don’t see No 18 on your survey I wonder why.

  2. I recall my siblings and I had piano lessons with Clara Wilkinson at 86 Westover Road in the 1950s. At the time I was probably around 10 years old and attended Bramley National School (Bramley Nats), later Bramley St Peters C of E School. One of our teachers at that school was a Mr Stead and I seem to remember he too lived in Westover Road. However I don’t think it could have been one of the Steads at 51 Westover Road (age doesn’t match) but I don’t see any others listed.

  3. Wow, What a fantastic census report, many thanks to Mark for the effort of making it available.
    We lived at number 84 overlooking the park, from about 1940 to 1950’s. We were a “joint” family, of the Brockhouse’s & Dawson’s, living together with our respective mother’s and 4 children ( Our respective fathers were away serving in the Navy & Army during the second World War,) as company for our mothers and it proved to be an ideal “joint family” situation, with a strong bond being forged amongst us.
    Pleased to say all four of us children are still alive ranging in age from 84 to 75.
    Many Neighbours still occupy my memories, Like the Wilkinsons next door at 86 and the lovely piano sounds from the piao lessons, on the other side of us at 82 the elderley Appleyard sisters, Smiths the retired farmer & his son Harold who is on my wedding photograph holding open his taxi door outside St. Peter’s Church in 1961, Bloodworth’s, Mr. Clough the tailor who had a shop next to Stock’s Hill, Brigg’s family, used to play with son Keith,remember opposite the bread shop at 39, Mr & Mrs. Goodall in that lovely house.
    My Wife Joan and i still visit Bramley Park for a walk round, oh the memories of spending many days & hours in that park as a child during and after the War.
    Ps. Pleased to say our fathers did return home to number 84 safely from the War.

  4. Loved this census. It showed my uncle jack (John) mortimer lived at 26 but wasn’t married then. The lady who lived at 27 Eliza mortimer which I assume was his sister I don’t know. He was married to a lady called ivy by the time I went to nursery down there in 53/54/55 cos they used to watch me over the reservoir area at top of tgexpark. My grandma who was jacks sister lived with us at the top of broad lane no 482 and she used to take me to the reservoir steps and I used to run across over to the nursery. Their house was typical
    Edwardian/Victorian but beautifully furnished as far as I can remember! Thank you whoever did this. Was wonderful going bk in time. X

  5. I was born on westover road directly behind the old wool shop which is now a tattoo parlour. My house was pulled down I’m not sure of the number but I’m sure it was number 1. There was 2 or 3 on my row. I’d love to know why they were pulled down and if there’s any photos or history and if anyone remembers my parents living there in the 1970s I was born in 1972 and I remember the house so clearly the cold damp cellar and the ceiling caving in on my head while my mum was doing her washing in the twin tub totally unaware the ceiling had fell in on me and there was a massive hole in the bedroom floor to the kitchen. I remember the old fireplace and the old chair we had next to it and a sofa opposite god doesn’t your mind wonder at 2 o clock in the morning when uv had a drop of night nurse hahaha! Any help will be great many thanks for reading……if you have haha x Jason

  6. Does anyone recall the family living in 95 Westover Road.

    In 1939 Alice and Mary Elizabeth Wilson lived there. Mary’s mother seems to have died in childbirth and Alice brought her up. She married Harry Holdsworth in 1943 and they seem to have continued living there. They seem to have had a son called John Arthur Holdsworth who died in January 2024. He married Christine Denise Manuel in 1972 but she was living in 11 Parkway Court, Leeds LS14 at her death in 2003.

    Did John Arthur have any brothers or sisters? Did he have any children? Did Mary Elizabeth Wilson have any brothers or sisters? I am his 1st cousin once removed but I know nothing about this family, sadly. If he did have any closer family I am anxious to contact them as John Arthur Holdsworth died intestate. They might have a claim on his estate – it will not be a lot but it should go to the right people.


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