Mark’s History: The Bramley church without a graveyard

Christ The King in Bramley has a rich history. Photos: Mark Stevenson

Words & photos: Mark Stevenson

Christ the King Church on Kings Approach, Bramley was built in 1928. The church was built on the initiative of Mgr William Hawkswell, secretary to Bishop’s Gordon and Cowgill, to serve the new housing developments at Sandford, Wyther, Westfield and Greenthorpe.

As it was a new church it never had a graveyard. Prior to the church being built the land was owned by Joshua Burton occupied by Joseph Hill.

The plot of land the church is built on was called Cause Close and was a grass field.

Joshua Burton, who owned the plot, also owned large parts of Eightland Lane and the plot where the house where singer David Bowie’s family once lived.

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  1. I am surprised to find out that it had no grave yard.
    When i was a kid in the 1960/1970’s i was sure the area that now has the MartinDales, WestVale Mews and Eastland Walk was a grave yard before Persimmon builders acquired it. Maybe the land belonged to the Venerable Bede, even though its closer to the Christ The King church.


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