Mark’s History: Black swans in Rodley

black swan rodley canal
Photo: Mark Stevenson

I noticed all the fuss recently about a black swan on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Rodley and wondered why? writes Mark Stevenson.

I took some photos of a black swan in Rodley in 2014 and don’t remember a fuss about it back then. Even though it is a well-deserved fuss.

A swan on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Photo: Mark Stevenson

I am not sure if the black swan has a ring on its leg as many other swans do. If it had you could tell if it was the same bird as I spotted in 2014.

Ringed Swan
A ringed swan in Rodley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

If you keep a lookout for swans around West Leeds at places like the canal, reservoir at Farnley or Rodley Nature Reserve you will notice that some have a ring on each leg.

One ring is metal, and this has a code on it that identifies the bird (it is too small for my eyes).

Luckily they had people like me in mind and on the other leg is a brightly coloured ring with larger numbers/letters it to make it easier to read.

Beautiful: A swan sites proudly on the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Photo: Mark Stevenson

You can report a sighting here and if you are lucky they will reply with a bit of info about the bird.

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