Mark’s History: Abbey Pride’s Dunkirk connection at Newlay


Welcome to the first ‘Mark’s History’ post on the West Leeds Dispatch! Amateur photographer MARK STEVENSON takes us through some of West Leeds’s rich history through the power of his camera lens …

abbey pride newlay
Dunkirk connection: Abbey Pride is docked on the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Newlay, Bramley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

You may have seen the posters around for the film Dunkirk. But did you know on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near Newlay is one of the actual “Little Ships” which took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk?

Abbey priode dunkirk ship
Evacuation: The Abbey Pride braved the English Channel to rescue soldiers at Dunkirk in 1940 … Photo: Mark Stevenson

Abbey Pride was built by the Admiralty in 1915…

Abbey Pride rests on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Do you remember the Abbey Pride or have wartime memories? Post them in the comments section below.






  1. Hi, I’m a boat builder based in Norfolk. Coincidently my yard is called Abbey Boat Builders. Do you have any information on the current owners of the vessel? I’d be very interested in buying and restoring her if she’s for sale.
    Abbey Boat Builder

    • Hi, we went past this boat today, June 2022, its looking in a very sad state now but still moored just outside Leeds on the Leeds Liverpool Canal, I thought I’d have a quick look at its history and saw your message, couldn’t find any history about it though. Hope you can find the owner, it would be a shame if it ended up sinking…

  2. Dunkirk Little Ships is an organization that can help with restoring Abbey Pride. If you have a way of communicating with its owner, could you please convey that information from the ‘Canals and Rivers UK’ Facebook page admirers? It was seen on the L& L yesterday.


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