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Mark’s History: Armley Retail Park’s factory past

Armley Retail Park on Armley Road has always been a retail park of sorts, writes Mark Stevenson.

If you were to visit the site back in the 1890s you would’ve been able to pick up some bricks for either a spot of DIY or to help with the building boom happening in Leeds at the time as it was the site of a brick works.

The former Denso Marston factory. Photo: Mark Stevenson

By 1922 the brick works had closed and a factory had been built on the site, which was occupied by Excelsior Motor Radiator Co.

Again you could just pop down and pick up a radiator or some replacement blocks should you need them. 

Another view of the Denso Marston site. Photo: Mark Stevenson

By the time of WW2, the government were sending damaged parts of Wellington Bombers and Spitfires there to be repaired.

After the war in the 1950s an advert for Marston Excelsior LTD as the company was now known says all Jaguar cars are fitted with Marston Radiators.

Building work on the site off Armley Road

The factory closed some years ago and has since been demolished and replaced with the shops you can see today. 


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