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‘Good’ Ofsted report for Bramley nursery

A nursery in Bramley has received a glowing Oftsed report, which praises the ‘good’ standard of teaching.

Little Owls Nursery, based on the Fairfield estate in Bramley, received a ‘good’ Ofsted report.

Inspector Jennifer Dove said children make consistently good rates of progress and are ‘focused and confident learners’.

Her report also praises the nursery’s strong partnerships with parents and other professionals involved in children’s care. She added:

“Staff model positive behaviour to children particularly well, through their kind and considerate approach. Children learn how to negotiate, share and take turns. They are happy and settled.”

Ms Dove also praised the  ‘thorough’ systems to meticulously monitor children’s progress and the well-planned indoor and outdoor areas. She added:

“They eagerly explore the natural world as they investigate animals and creatures in the environment. For example, using magnifying glasses and labelled picture cards.”

The report says the nursery needs to refine monitoring systems used to evaluate staff practice.

The full report can be read here.


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