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Letter: Why I love Armley!

Following our coverage of the recent Armley Town Street public meeting and problems with anti-social behaviour in the pilot edition of our printed newspaper, Amanda Willis, of Brooklyn Terrace, writes about how she loves living in the area:

I very much enjoyed reading the new paper as it’s so local ( I picked up my copy in the library). You asked about Armley – I have lived here for nine years (originally a complete southerner!), and love it, albeit that I live in a not very salubrious street!

I love my very tall (it’s like living in a castle!) back-to-back house, with enormously high ceilings and a tiny front garden full of flowers. I find the whole area a very interesting mix of cultures and types – walking past my house every day is a panoply of characters, not all of whom are very salubrious either!

My family ask why I don’t move to some leafy outpost of Leeds, but, how boring! You would never see a soul, as everyone would be in cars.

Admittedly over the years some dodgy things have happened – in the street, not to me – such as the time when an axe-wielding man was running amok in the middle of the night, chased by the police. And the cannabis farm discovered a couple of doors away.

But it all adds to the ‘colour’?! – and I feel safe in my house.

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