Letter to the Editor: Why £10,000 fines should be paid directly to local communities and not the treasury


Why as a nation should residents be disenfranchised by the national government? We live in pandemic times and a large number of those who do not follow the rules cause the spread of the virus, yet do we as citizens see payback for their harm?

In normal society situations they get charged by police and attend court. They can be fined up to £10,000 yet this appears to go into a pot in London that does not benefit the community the event harmed.

Yes, the person might get a community service order that means they have to cut an elderly resident’s grass for 120 hours but that does not really benefit a community?

Why not take said fines and bring them to the areas they caused the harm and injustice and actually benefit neighbourhoods that could actually do some amazing good with the many thousands of pounds in play?

I’m calling on all MPs to lobby the chancellor, prime minister and cabinet members to make this possible. Let’s make good out of the harm of COVID-19 and force those dedicating of their communities to be paying for a greater good. 

  • Stuart Long  
  • Burley


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