Letter: Bus facemask policy needs tightening by government


Has anyone else encountered the following? I travelled on a bus for the first time on Monday, 6 July, suitably masked.  Of three of us upstairs two of us wore masks one person did not, which I assumed must have been because of a medical condition.

However, on the journey home I was one of four people travelling on the upstairs and I was the only one wearing a mask.

Having asked the bus driver how that was possible as I understood that if you didn’t have a mask you couldn’t travel on public transport.   

I was told that drivers were not allowed to challenge anyone travelling without a face covering.

I had intended writing a complaint to the bus company, but decided to check the government guidelines, and to my horror discovered the amount of exemptions was a complete joke.

Quite frankly, I feel that responsible people are being put at risk by many who just can’t be bothered to consider the people around them.

I am in complete agreement with people who have a medical condition not wearing masks, but it should be possible to confirm this. I also think the government need to take a serious look at the guidelines and tighten them considerably, before we enter a second spike.

  • regards, P. Wood (Mrs)


  1. I totally agree with your reader in that there need to be more stringent measures with this policy of face-mask wearers on public transport. It appears to me that at present anyone could claim they have a medical need not to wear a mask without needing to prove it. Basically, the whole system is therefore open to abuse. And, I’m sorry to say there will be a number of people who will think nothing of using this abuse.

  2. I totally agree that the whole thing needs to be tightened up, I thought it was everyone had to ware a mask to enter or travel on a bus. The number of people with a mask on their chin or just over their mouth and not covering their nose is ridiculous. I have been shielded and hardly been out of the Curtilage of my property since March, today I had to visit the doctors surgery and the chemist while wearing a mask, a lady in about sixty-ish came towards me with another lady who I assume was her mum, she clung to to wall and guided her “mum” against the wall, I think seeing the mask she thought I had Covid 19. l was going to say to her you should also be wearing a mask as it is me that is protecting you not the other way round. Some people are really stupid and should all be made to ware a mask, no matter what there age, it is the mask wearers who are protecting the rest of the population.

  3. Why the hell should people like me who is genuinely exempt, have to PROVE it? I have an official down load on my mobile that says I am exempt. If people choose to exploit that then tough but the driver and passengers have no damned business in asking me to prove anything!! If you are so bothered about us that are exempt, then YOU stay home!


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