Latest West Leeds planning applications


Here are the latest planning applications submitted in wards across West Leeds.

The list has been compiled by Jill Stocks.


Two storey part single storey rear extension; porch to side; conversion of attic to form habitable rooms; dormer windows to front
1A Laurel Terrace Armley Leeds LS12 2BZ
Ref. No: 19/03833/FU

Demolition of the existing buildings; construction of a new part single/ part two storey Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) facility including a new substation/ generator, a Section 136 facility, with associated access, parking, soft and hard landscaping
St Marys Hospital Green Hill Road Armley Leeds LS12 3QE
Ref. No: 19/03718/FU

Retrospective application for boundary fence to side
21 Lenhurst Avenue Armley Leeds LS12 2RE
Ref. No: 19/03511/FU

Bramley and Stanningley

Construction of one dwelling – NON MATERIAL AMENDMENT to 18/02691/FU – alterations to 1st floor internal layout and addition of 1st floor obscure glazed bathroom window to gable end.
1 Langley Terrace Bramley Leeds LS13 1DW
Ref. No: 19/9/00184/MOD

Calverley and Farsley

T1 Ash – Fell due to poor condition and multi-stemmed, has included bark structure, rubbing branches and evidence of main limb failure. Will replant.
Thornleigh Thornhill Drive Calverley Pudsey BD10 0NJ
Ref. No: 19/03854/TR

Consent, agreement or approval required by condition 3, 4, 11 of Planning Application 19/00567/FU
501 Bradford Road Stanningley Pudsey LS28 8EE
Ref. No: 19/03830/COND

New first floor and new roof to existing pair of semi-detached bungalows with Detached Garage
52 & 54 Ederoyd Crescent Stanningley Pudsey LS28 7QU
Ref. No: 19/03791/FU

One End terrace house to garden area
Adjacent To 37 Merton Avenue Farsley LS28 5DX
Ref. No: 19/03626/FU

Farnley and Wortley

Balcony with balustrade to rear
98 Blue Hill Lane Wortley Leeds LS12 4NU
Ref. No: 19/03774/FU

Single storey rear extension; loft conversion with dormers to front and rear
70 Cow Close Road Farnley Leeds LS12 5PD
Ref. No: 19/03684/FU

Two storey rear extension and single storey front extension
10 Highfield Avenue Lower Wortley Leeds LS12 4BU
Ref. No: 19/03679/FU


T11 Horse Chestnut – To fell to facilitate the removal of T10 which overhangs the Railway. Replant in approximately the same location with a standard Quercus robur Fastigiata
Oakfield House 143 Kirkstall Lane Kirkstall Leeds
Ref. No: 19/03903/TR

Certificate of Proposed Lawful Development for an extension to the Gable and Dormer window to the rear; Rooflights to front
351 Spen Lane West Park Leeds LS16 5BR
Ref. No: 19/03764/CLP

Single storey side/rear extension with ramp and steps
107 Kirkstall Hill Kirkstall Leeds LS4 2TH
Ref. No: 19/03598/FU


Variation of conditions 2 and 3 (approved plans and materials) of previously approved application 18/07629/FU for MINOR MATERIAL AMENDMENTS to allow part render and part stone to gable wall
25 Marsh Pudsey LS28 7NP
Ref. No: 19/03665/FU

T1 Sycamore – Crown lift to give clearance of 2.5 meters.
17 Sycamore Chase Pudsey LS28 9BP
Ref. No: 19/03517/TR


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