Latest Kirkstall Forge plans will be discussed

kirkstall forge riverfront

The next stage in ambitious plans to develop part of West Leeds is set to go before planning chiefs next week, writes Richard Beecham.

A pre-application to build two eight-storey office blocks alongside an 800-space multi-storey car park on the Kirkstall Forge site will go before Leeds City Council’s south and west plans panel next week.

It follows redevelopment of part of the 24-hectare site in the past few years, including a new rail station, office block and housing. It’s all part of a master-plan for the site, expected to cost up to £400 million.

An application for the now-built office block on an adjacent plot was approved in November 2017, while plans for a nearby residential and commercial development with a public square were approved in May 2019.

The forge itself was once one of the world’s oldest working industrial sites, as its history could be traced back to the 12th century when it was used as a corn mill by monks at Kirkstall Abbey.

It had been used as an iron works since the 16th century and closed for the final time at the turn of the millennium.

As this is a pre-application, no decision will be made on the site and more detailed plans are expected to be submitted in due course.


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