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Gardeners’ Delight: Go green-fingered in Bramley

Over the coming days, those who are green-fingered will have two opportunities to get practical in Bramley.

Bramley Bloomers will be at the Bramley Lawn Social Centre from 1pm doing some planting and planning.

Bramley Bloomers is part of Creative Communities – a social enterprise who aim to provide support to people who are or may be at risk of social isolation.

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Everyone is welcome to the Rossefield Lawn site whether they wish to take part in a spot of gardening, or just have a chat over a slice of lemon drizzle cake.

To wind the week up, Creative Communities are back on Sunday 30th from 1.30pm at the Bramley Lawn Social Centre hosting a natural craft session.

Attendees will be able to fill handmade bug hotels with natural woodland materials, enabling them to attract wildlife and bugs into their gardens. There will also be paper plate butterflies and bugs to make to take home.

The social enterprise’s popular pizza station will be available with pizzas costing £1. The rest of the event is free and suitable for all ages with refreshments being provided.

Today tenants and residents association, Broadlea Better Community made a difference by helping a local resident improve and tidy their garden.

You can keep up to date with what the Broadlea garden makeover team are doing via their public Facebook group.


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