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Kirkstall family enterprise marks VE Day by dressing up for deliveries

Kirkstall-based family enterprise Home Veg Box entered into the VE Day spirit by dressing up and delivering their veg boxes across West Leeds in costume.

Home Veg Box was started at the beginning of the lockdown and has grown quickly into popular fruit and veg box delivery service.

All professionals in their own right, the Home Veg Box team is a family adventure: Jules and Si Love (nurse and physiotherapist), their decorator son Sam and his musician wife Chloe, and Jules’ web designer brother Philip and his company administrator girlfriend Lou.

Home Veg Box VE Day
Jules Love before starting the twice weekly veg box deliveries

The reception from their customers today was universally positive. For some it brought back memories of their own families in the Land Army.

Chloe Merriott in 40’s attire

Customer Jules Love said:

“It seemed a great way to lift spirits, have a bit of fun while we work, and at the same time make a few people smile.”

Home Veg Box makes twice weekly deliveries of fresh fruit and veg across west Leeds, with a donation of a box to Armley Helping Hands for every 10 boxes they sell. Just last week they marked their 1000th box sold and 100th donation to Armley Helping Hands (AHH).

AHH chief executive Dawn Newsome praised Home Veg Box for dressing up today, adding:

“Absolutely brilliant. Happy VE Day to our wonderful friends at Home Veg Box.”

For more information about Home Veg Box, go to or email


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