Kirkstall: Calls for better communication over Leeds Half Marathon road closures

leeds half marathon 2018 route

People living on the Leeds Half Marathon route are calling for more notification and better communication for future events.

A number of comments from concerned residents have been posted on a Dispatch article about road closures for today’s event, which raises tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

Some are saying they’ve received no notification about this event and others – like last week’s Tour De Yorkshire -which use a similar route, which includes the A65 through Kirkstall and Burley.

Aimee posted yesterday:

“The only reason I knew my road (Meanwood Road) was closed was seeing a two-mile sign appear today, 12 hours before the event and searching for events. I have work tomorrow and nothing informing me of road closures, including nothing on the road itself. I now have to figure alternative arrangements to work, which is absurd!”

Mrs Hardcastle called for leafletting of the route. She said:

“This is all very well, but yet again we will be held prisoners in our homes on Butcher Hill, unless, we go out earlier than usual and come back later, this stops our legal right to roam free.

“We wish we were informed weeks ago via a simple leaflet posted through the door, yet again we feel let down.”

Mr Fell said yesterday:

“I’m doing a 12-hour night shift at LGI and no doubt will have to fight with some official to be allowed out of the car park to go home.”

A representative from Bedside Manor in Burley Road said the closures affected business. A representative posted:

“Please Leeds City Council – we have to close our business for marathons, Tour de Yorkshire and the Triathalon. No-one wants to be a killjoy but this affects our turnover and hence profitability. Times are difficult enough for everyone in retail without this. Please share out the routing!”

Brian said:

“Fed up with all these closures in North and North West Leeds, two Sundays in a row where cannot get around either in the car or bus. Why are they always in the north of the City? They could use south Leeds or East Leeds for a change, I am told there is another closure for the Triathalon in few weeks time.”

And Macstiv added:

“Brilliant timing – week after tour de Yorkshire. So two Sundays in a row I cannot get off my street!”

What do you think? Does there need to be more notification? Should the routes be shared with other parts of the city, or do want the events coming through parts of West Leeds? Have your say in our poll below and in the comments section.


  1. Been no real notice of the marathon its been a nightmare getting into leeds city centre. They should have let people no well in advance of the rd closures especailly for those who live within the kirkstall area.

  2. There was more road closures than there was even necessary to complete joke and the barriers where manned by unhelpful jobsworth people with no clue what they where doing

  3. It is annoying when the roads are closed off nearly all day.
    I finished work this morning at 7 and didn’t get home till 8.30 after going on numinous roads to find that at the end of them the road was blocked.
    Rolling road blocks would be better especially for us that live on the roads that are affected by the event

  4. I left home at 11.15am to visit a friend. At 12.45 after trying to get to kirkstall by various routes, I had to go home. Every road around where my friend lives was blocked. Absolutely ridiculous,


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