Kirkstall: Abbey House hosts fairy tales exhibition


A new exhibition exploring the remarkable history of the world’s best-loved storybooks and fairy tales has gone on display at Kirkstall’s Abbey House Museum.

The Fairy Tales and Fantasy exhibition features historic objects like a Sleeping Beauty-style spinning wheel from the 1800s, a crocodile like the one which preyed on Captain Hook, and a miniature replica of a carriage much like Cinderella’s.

Exhibits demonstrate the origins of popular children’s tales including Little Red Riding Hood, Aladdin and Peter Pan and are displayed alongside images from the museum’s fabulous collection of children’s book illustrations as well as a selection of historic toys and games.

Kitty Ross, Leeds Museums and Galleries’ curator of social history, said:

“This exhibition will explore how people through the ages wove these stories around those unremarkable objects as a way of escaping from the struggles and hardships of their real lives.

“That link between the everyday and the astonishing is one of the main reasons that fairy tales have remained so popular, relatable and loved by people from so many different backgrounds over so many years.”

Fairy Tales and Fantasy also looks at the different ways advertisers have used the power of fairy tales to sell their products as well as delving into the flamboyant world of pantomimes and fancy dress.

Fairy Tales and Fantasy runs from until December 31 and also includes a series of adult talks on subjects including dragons and panto.

For more details including admission and how to book, visit Leeds museums website.


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