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Armley: Police appeal following shop burglaries

Police are appealing for information following a spate of commercial burglaries on shops in and around Armley Town Street early in the New Year.

The burglaries have taken place overnight and mainly access has been gained through rear doors and windows. The most common premises are shops.

Police say extra patrols have been put in place.

If you have any information regarding Burglary please contact police by e-mail at or by calling 101 or 241 4999.

Armley Town Street plan
Targeted: Armley Town Street

Some houses in Armley have also been targeted, although police have nopt linked the crimes. One woman, whose home was first targeted on Christmas Eve, was a victim again on January 11.

She posted on Facebook:

“We have been done again but this time, ‘they’ are stealing our garden wall, furniture and a sentimental sculpture (a green marble lady). I kid you not! Brick by brick re: our wall and they’ve not finished.

“I think as a community we should/ need to do something… what that is, I’m not sure. I am so tired/sick of feeling constantly paranoid and threatened by the ever increasing chance of coming home to more invasive and lasting damage.”


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