In photos: Bramley Baths offers Zumba in car park as restrictions ease

bramley baths zumba car park
Zumba in the car park. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Photos: Simon Cullingworth

Bramley Baths fitness supremo Jennie Ashton is back leading her popular zumba classes at Bramley Baths – but this time with a difference.

As lockdown restrictions ease, Jennie is leading her socially distanced classes in the car park at the community led fitness facility – and, as our photos show, Jennie’s fitness fans certainly look pleased to be back.

Jennie Ashton is leading the fitness classes. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Jennie’s classes have been mostly held online since the pandemic started a year ago.

Bramley Baths is offering a range of classes, which started this week.

The classes will be available to anyone with the Baths’ new weekly outdoor £5 class pass, which can be purchased by using the Clublink app, or alternatively contacting Jennie on 07543 536 254 or e-mail

Fitness in Bramley Baths’ car park. Photo: Simon Cullingworth

Outdoor Class Timetable


  • 10am-10.45am Zumba Gold
  • 11am-11.45am Zumba Gold


  • 6pm-6.45pm Bootcamp
  • 7pm-7.45pm Zumba


  • 10am-10.45am Bootcamp


  • 6pm-7pm Bootcamp on Bramley Park


  • 11am-11.45am Zumba Gold

The classes are available to book via the Clublink app. The Baths has produced a video on how to use Clublink here.


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