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How these amazing illustrations of Kirkstall were created

Local photographer and artist, Mindy Goose, writes for West Leeds Dispatch about her illustrations of Kirkstall.

Abbey House Museum. An illustration by Mindy Goose.

In August 2019, I bought a new iPad. I began drawing using an Apple Pencil and the ProCreate app, first it was daily quick illustrations of my dog, progressing to tracing and colouring old family photographs.

The latter I made into an illustrated family album, with written memories taken from my mother as we chatted over the phone, and ancestral stories I had gathered from researching my family tree.

Illustration of Abbey Mills in Kirkstall by Mindy Goose.

I had uncovered photographs of my great great grandparents from the late Victorian era, which I gave colour to through illustration. I gave a copy of the book my mother for Christmas.

Adele Rae, of Kirkstall Valley Development Trust, had seen my illustrations and asked if I could do something similar of Abbey Mills.

House off Morris Lane: Another of Mindy’s illustrations.

I rose to the challenge and created the first Kirkstall landmarks.

Ever the glutton for punishment, I then embarked on drawing Kirkstall Abbey, not once but twice, Abbey House Museum, and the sloping roof house up on Morris Lane from photos I had taken on my daily walks.

Kirkstall Abbey by Mindy Goose

I am currently drawing my friend’s cats.

Whilst these images are not freehand, I trace the outlines, I select colours from the photo, and then scribble away.

I find it a relaxing past time, and some of my drawings may take me over 70 hours to complete. Colouring individual bricks does take its time!



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