How New Wortley Community Centre’s food store can help you

Venue: New Wortley Community Centre, on Tong Road

Words: Rhea Bentley, Building & Admin Officer, New Wortley Community Centre

The spirit of giving over the Christmas period has been greater than normal as I have surfaced from the rock I normally inhabit.

New Wortley Community Centre has helped me open up and, for the first time in many years, I spent Christmas Day with the family and visited friends over the holiday period.

Rhea Bentley New Wortley
Rhea Bentley, of New Wortley Community Centre.

I dug deep into my pockets to give the gift of joy and in return I got acid reflux and mould in my bedroom! Still, I had a good time and hope you all had the best time too.

We had our first members’ Bistro Evening, which seemed to go very well. I was so proud to introduce my mother, who gave us a mini piano recital. I also played a piece, which I was so relieved to get through, and in the main played it pretty well.

Despite my nerves my mum and I really enjoyed the evening and from the feedback so did many of those who attended. Hopefully we will do it again some time, but I am a bit of a one-trick pony and will need another year to learn a different piece of music.

The food store continues to provide emergency food parcels to support the local community.

A large number bought and enjoyed our £10 Christmas hamper whilst the food store was closed. You can access the fabulous benefits of the food store here.

We offer a number of recipes at £1.50 each and 10 items from the Food and Hygiene Store for £3.50. For even more of a bargain, buy five recipes and ten items for £10.

I think the New Year is looking positive as we hopefully wave goodbye to Covid’s spirit of ‘giving’ and look forward to a spring where the community can begin to live and breathe again.


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