Housing plans submitted for Farnley eyesore

tree tops farnley 2
Photo: Mark Stevenson

Words: John Baron, Photos: Mark Stevenson

A derelict piece of land in Farnley could be transformed into six houses, if a planning application receives the green light.

The ‘Tree Tops’ site, off Stonebridge Avenue, was recently cleared of overgrowth and brambles. At the centre of the site was an abandoned derelict house, which was demolished earlier this month.

The Tree Tops site, off the Outer Ring Road. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Developer Christopher Construction wants to build six four-bedroomed family homes on the site and says in a design statement accompanying the application:

“The site has lain empty for some time and had become overgrown and dangerous. The site was often used as a hangout for local youths and became overrun with litter and fly tipping.

“This scheme aims to provide the area with good quality family housing. The use of high- performing glazing and insulants as well as the amount of natural light to the buildings will reduce the energy usage and running costs of the scheme.

Traditional materials will be used in order to help the scheme blend into its surroundings but these materials will be used to form modern dwellings with low carbon impacts and lower running costs.”

Access would be off Stonebridge Avenue.

The abandoned house used to sit at the heart of the site. Photo: Mark Stevenson

WLD featured the history of the site in our Mark’s History column last month. In 1844 land was two plots. The lower half (next to what is left of Stonebridge Avenue) was owned by Charles Faber Junior and occupied by Samuel Waite and Company. The upper half (next to Bawn Avenue) was owned by Jeremiah Bateson and occupied by John Stephenson.

Inside the house. Photo: Mark Stevenson

The plans can be viewed in full here.

UPDATE: The copy was amended at 8.28pm on 15 February 2021 to clarify the house had been demolished earlier this month.


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