Historic Armley iron works to be demolished

blakeys factory armley 2
Demolition: The former Blakey's foundry in Armley. Photo: Google

Plans to demolish a dilapidated former iron works in Armley have been submitted to Leeds City Council.

The site, off Carr Crofts, Modder Place and Modder Avenue, consists of former mill buildings which used to be the Blakey’s factory. The company was famous for manufacturing shoe and boot protectors from the site.

blakeys factory armley
A map of the buildings to be demolished.

Applicant Lisa McShane, of Allclear Demolitions, said in her demolition application to Leeds City Council:

“The building is in a very dilipidated, unsafe condition and is infested with rats. There has previously been an accident on site. We feel the building needs to be demolished ASAP.

“The site will be left safe, level and clear on completion of the demolition works. The site has no future development plans and the building is being demolished due to its unsafe condition.”

Blakey’s segs – shoe and boot protectors – were invented in 1880 by Keighley-born John Blakey.

The Blakey’s factory was notorious for distributing a hideous odour throughout the district. The factory, set next to residential streets, also had its own direct rail link for receiving raw materials and distributing finished goods.

Goodwins of Walsall in the West Midlands bought the Blakey’s brand in 2014 and continue to protect the nation’s soles.

Find out more about Blakey’s Armley factory here and here.

The demolition plans can be viewed here.


  1. Gosh, and no comment on seggate, what short memories of major prosecutions.
    Is “historic” Armley a misnomer perhaps…
    But that was years ago. Keep your algorithms up to speed please.
    21st Centaurus, don’t you know…

  2. Could we please have a big supermarket it can coexist with Leeds town Street in armley most of the older generation can shop on town Street but you can always get the goods you need he’s a big enough site to hold a major shopping centre like Morrisons ASDA Tesco’s most of the town streets around Leeds have shopping centres as well there for the European shops on town Street can also work with a major shopping centre so we can have more choice thank you


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