Have your say on local issues at Inner West Community Committee


What’s happening in ‘inner’ West Leeds? You can join the conversation and have your say at the next Inner West Community Committee meeting in Armley.

Community committees are run by the council and hold at least four public meetings a year, where ward councillors make decisions about services and priorities for the local area.

They also host a series of workshops which consider issues that concern you and explore how you can influence decisions. Discussions at the meeting will focus on transforming the way health and social care is delivered for people living in West Leeds.

There’s also a chance to address councillors about local concerns/issues during an open forum at the start of the meeting.

A whole raft of community projects will be considered for funding from the council, including Bramley Festival, Bramley lights switch on, Kirkstall Festival, Kirkstall in Bloom, Armley Festival and a community Leader for New Wortley Community Association.

The Inner West Community Committee will meet on Wednesday 22th March, 6pm at Strawberry Lane Community Centre, Armley. Read the agenda here.

The committee covers Armley, Bramley and Kirkstall wards. To find out which ward you live in, who your local councillors are and how to contact them, enter your postcode at democracy site Write To Them for more information.

For more details about the meeting, or to speak during the open forum, contact Sarah on 0113 3367872 or e-mail west.north.west@leeds.gov.uk.


  1. Not just Councillors making decisions! Each Council Ward has three Co- Optees who also represent the local community on this body. I’ve been a Co-Optee for Bramley & Stanningley for over a decade now and just like my colleagues I’ve worked hard representing the views of local people. We also serve on Council Sub Committees in this capacity. For the record I’ve never claimed one brass penny in expenses – not even my bus fares. Might be nice if our existence could be acknowledged once in a while?

  2. Ps: on reading my comment back – just to clarify. Would be nice if the existence of the Co-Optees were acknowledged by the Council in press releases and on their web pages! Not in any way a criticism of this paper or any other publication – they can only write articles based on the information the Council send them.

    • Thanks for your comments and clarification, Stephen – useful for people to know about the co-optees and the structure of the community committees!

      There wasn’t a press release on this meeting (there seldom is, sadly – publicity doesn’t seem to be the strong point for any of the city’s community committees and some, like Outer West, meet mainly during the daytime when most people can’t get to them).

      The aim of this article was to raise awareness of the work they do and encourage more people to come and hold their elected representatives to account. As you know the committees make important local decisions and have six-figure budgets at their disposal and it’s right and proper it’s done in the public gaze.

      Our editor, John Baron, is hoping to attend tomorrow’s meeting – might see you there.


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