Swinnow: Morrisons’ bid to sell 24-hour booze will be discussed


UPDATE: Morrison’s application to sell alcohol 24 hours a day at the Swinnow store petrol station was withdrawn by the applicant on the morning of the hearing.

ORIGINAL POST: A bid by supermarket giants Morrisons to sell alcohol 24 hours a day from its petrol station in Swinnow has been met with some opposition.

Councillors sitting on the licensing sub-committee will on Tuesday decide whether to grant the licence – but two local residents have complained about a possible increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.

They also argue there are already a number of outlets already selling alcohol locally.

Morrisons says the premises will be operated responsibly, with checkout staff receiving training on the ‘Challenge 25’ scheme where, if the customer looks under the age of 25, they will be asked for identification to prove that they are over the age of 18.
The petrol station will also have CCTV.

Proposals and objections can be read in full here.

The licensing committee meets tomorrow at 10am in the Civic Hall. Members of the public can attend the meeting.


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