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Have your say: Armley alcohol licensing rules to ‘stay the same’

Leeds City Council is currently seeking views on proposed changes to its policy guiding decisions around alcohol licences in areas across Leeds – including Armley.

The council’s Statement of Licensing Policy, which sets out the principles for granting or renewing licences, needs to be reviewed every five years and its latest review is now under way.

The consultation, which runs until Sunday 30 September, seeks views primarily on the six cumulative impact areas in the city, where there are large numbers of licensed premises located close together.

In these designated areas it is the council’s policy to refuse applications for a new licence or variations to existing licences unless the applicant can demonstrate they will not add to the negative impact already being experienced.

After carrying out a cumulative impact assessment which included consulting local ward councillors in these areas as well as locality teams and considering crime statistics provided by West Yorkshire Police, the council is now proposing the following revisions:

  • City centre – amend the cumulative impact boundary to focus on areas where the night time economy is the most active and add additional emphasis on operation during peak hours.
  • Headingley – split the Headingley cumulative impact area into two. One area to be focused on North Lane and a second area focused round Hyde Park Road, Victoria Road and Cardigan Road but concentrating on late night refreshment and night time opening off-licences.
  • Woodhouse Corridor, Chapel Allerton and Horsforth – cumulative impact areas to be removed and replaced with area-specific policies
  • Armley – to continue unchanged.
  • To introduce a new cumulative impact area in Harehills

The full details of these proposals can be seen at Further proposed changes include updating the latest facts and figures such as population statistics and local plans. The feedback from the consultation will be considered at a full council meeting by all members, with any approved changes to be implemented from January 2019.

Chair of Leeds City Council’s licensing committee Councillor Mary Harland said:

“The nighttime economy is very important to Leeds but it is of paramount importance we keep the balance right between offering late-night entertainment and food establishments and respecting the needs of our communities and tackling issues related to crime.

“These proposed changes to our policy are important for people to understand and consider, so we would encourage as many people as possible to take part in this consultation so we can make sure across our city we are getting that balance right.”

Anyone can respond to this consultation by emailing comments to Responses can also be sent in writing to Entertainment Licensing, Leeds City Council, Civic Hall, Leeds, LS1 1UR. The last date for comments is 30th September 2018.

For any further information or queries, contact entertainment licensing at the above address or by telephone on 0113 378 5029.

The Dispatch first reported on plans to keep the Armley CIP in place last month.


  1. It used to be such a fine area, back in the days of Alan Bennet. What a disgrace and embarrassment it is now. It doesn’t help you have a pile of Labour leaders that care nothing for it’s history, heritage or past success. They don’t even care about Leeds. Or natives. But hey what does that matter now that Armley is another no go area where nobody feels safe as the migrants sit drunk intimidating people. A few year ago when I drove through, a student said to me ‘just bomb it, have done with it’. I had to laugh, they hadn’t seen the state of Hyde Park or the other areas. Even Headingley is slipping. Why do you all sit there doing nothing? Do you know who your local councillors are? When the elections for them are? How to vote them out of power while they are monopolizing power in your area? Do you know how to vote in elections? No, then you’re a part of the degradation I see all over my beautiful city.


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