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Green light for Armley people-powered homes plans

Words: John Baron

Plans for 34 new energy efficient and affordable community-led homes in Armley have been approved by Leeds City Council planners.

Leeds Community Homes Ltd has been granted planning permission to build three detached blocks containing 18 one-bedroom flats and 10 two-bedroom flats on a disused site on Mistress Lane, just minutes away from Armley Town Street.

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The plans also include six three-bedroom semi-detached family homes and a community space.

mistress lane community housing
Image: Bauman Lyons Architects

The buildings have been created with input from local people and following pubic consultation events. A design statement by architects Bauman Lyons said:

“The scheme has been created for the benefit of the local community, both in the housing and the landscape provision.

“[It] will make a generous contribution to this area, including improvements to the street frontage, rich and engaging publicly accessible spaces and a new flexible community space for a variety of local meetings and functions.”

The proposals were first submitted last April. Weather-proof Photovoltaic panels, which convert light into electricity, will be embedded to form part of the roofing on the properties.

A council planning officer’s report concludes:

“It is considered that, subject to conditions, the proposed development is acceptable and is supported by local and national planning policies and therefore the application is recommended for approval.”

The site of the community-led housing development in Mistress Lane

A raft of 27 conditions imposed upon the development include details of windows, roofing and doors being agreed by the council before work starts.

Leeds Community Homes is a not-for-profit Community Land Trust aimed at delivering affordable homes and better spaces for communities.


  1. Think it’s disgusting you’ve got people still homeless and lifeless from a pandemic and all council and government are doing is building houses approving where they see fit changing our city as we know it they do not own this land it is the land of the free and how can you allow to build more house when you’ve done nothing to improve the community’s quality of life you’ve got us stuck in a trap only those who make it out are the ones with money and that’s why I hate the government and council it’s not about us the people you just need us for the money yous are the biggest most robbing criminalistic organisations known too man


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