Go Pokemon hunting in Kirkstall!


Fancy going on a Pokemon hunt around Kirkstall Abbey and through the Kirkstall Valley?

Well you’ll have the chance to catch the virtual critters this Thursday (August 11) when community group Incredible Edible Kirkstall host a fun Pokemon Go event.

Paul Long, of Incredible Edible Kirkstall, said:

“We will start at 11am outside the Kirkstall Abbey House Museum where five ‘pokestops’ are located, we will then move into the Kirkstall Abbey grounds at 11.45am, where four ‘pokestops’ and a gym are located.

“Then at 12.30pm we will set off through the Kirkstall valley visiting many other pokestops and gyms along the way before returning to the Abbey at 4pm via the nature reserve and canal.

“This is a great opportunity to not only hatch those 5k eggs and catch a few Pokemon but also see the many hidden gems of Kirkstall, meet new people and be out in nature.”

The app uses a player’s smartphone camera and GPS technology to guide him to real locations to “collect” Pokemon, or “pocket monsters,” in real locations. Players point the camera and virtual characters appear against the real-world backdrop. Then players toss a virtual ball to capture that character.

The game has drawn crowds to parks and public places in search of rare Pokemon.

For more information, contact incrediblekirkstall@gmail.com.


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