Germany success for Wortley fighter Jack Dickinson

Fighter Jack Dickinson at Tobins Gym in Armley

By James Bovington

A quick weekend trip to Germany brought success for Wortley fighter Jack Dickinson, who is trained by Mike Tobin at Tobin’s Gym in Armley. 

“I’d done some basic training in Muay Thai just to improve fitness but only got serious about the sport just over a year ago,” explained Dickinson, 21.

“I was only abroad for 48 hours but won my match in Würslen against Stefan Niedenthal, of KKS Sparta. I was particularly pleased because it was a kickboxing match whereas I’d only done Muay Thai before.”

The former Farnley Academy student qualified as an electrician via apprenticeship and has been working for the same west Leeds company for five years.

“Germany was my fifth fight,” said Dickinson. “And I’ve won four, all in the last ten months.

“I think I’m entitled to feel proud of this record. I’ve not been fighting long and I’ve already been on some good shows and I’m progressing rapidly. I’m eager and train every day and I’m told my fighting style is entertaining and I’m learning to adapt to my opponents.

“But the main thing is that the training and the bouts have greatly helped me improve my self-confidence and general quality of life.’Dickinson is unsure where the Muay Thai journey will lead.

“There isn’t much money in it for those who turn professional and I’d need to find sponsors so it would be difficult if also holding down a full-time job. For now I am just loving learning more about the sport and developing as a Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer. My kicks and knee works are aggressive.”

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