First drawing of proposed new Ring Road footbridge revealed

Plans have been drawn up for a bridge over the Ring Road to better connect Farsley and Calverley.

The first image of a proposed new £7 million bridge over the Ring Road, linking Farsley with Calverley, has been revealed.

A council report this week provided an update on the latest £20 million Connecting West Leeds plans to reduce traffic congestion and encourage other modes of travel on the A6120 Leeds Outer Ring Road between Pudsey and Horsforth.

It authorised expenditure on a raft of schemes including the new B6156 Calverley Lane accessible bridge, Rodley Roundabout to Dawsons Corner pedestrian and cycle link and a new ramped link for pedestrians and cyclists to the Leeds/Liverpool canal towpath.

Plans also include a new 50mph speed limit between Horsforth roundabout along the Ring Road and finishing on the Stanningley Bypass at Bramley Town End, backed by new average speed cameras.

The report notes a formal planning application will be submitted for the new footbridge and adds: “Since this section of ring road was built it has become increasingly dangerous for people to enjoy the numerous walking routes including rights of way that have been effectively cut off.

“The creation of a footbridge/cycle bridge will reunite Farsley and the village of Calverley. The proposals will be welcomed by residents and allow safe pedestrian travel on an extensive rights of way network, and better connect Calverley to rail, bus and cycle opportunities at Pudsey and Stanningley.”

Work had already started last year on the first phase of the Connecting West Leeds project, between Rodley and Horsforth. This includes easing congestion at Horsforth roundabout through an extension of the southbound merge on the A6120 towards Rodley.

The measures also aim to improve the infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists and linking the surrounding communities including Horsforth, Rodley, Calverley, Farsley and Stanningley, with alternative travel choices.

  1. The report also approves a new average speed camera on the A647 Bradford Road between Dawson Corner to Thornbury Roundabout. There is no mention of plans to extend the speed cameras along the A647 Stanningley Road, as reported last month.

The scheme was originally  approved for funding by the government in 2021.

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  1. Skateboarders paradise ! Seriously though – good for prams bikes and wheelchairs. I like the combined structure and handrail

  2. Looks quite fancy, still its not cheap is it? Maybe they’ll take the opportinity to redesign that junction to make it impossible for traffic to turn right on and off the ring road, it happens too often now and is very dangerous.
    Good news about the average speed cameras on Bradford Road, if we have to have them (and unfortunately the racing idiots mean we do) then they will be much more effective than the standard ones.

  3. 7 million for a bridge? What a rip off. Mind you, If it’s Leeds City Council you can expect it. They have a degree in ripping the Council Tax payers off!!!

  4. When the Ring Road at Farnley was “duelled”in the early 80′ we were told that the stretch between Dawson’s Corner and Horsforth would be done next….40 years later they waste millions on piffling projects that do NOTHING to alleviate congestion.

    • I’ve always wondered why they didn’t do this on that stretch, there’s plenty of room for it and physically seperating the two carriageways would make it a lot safer, as well as the traffic flow advantages (meaning of course lower emission levels).


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