Dispatch launches ‘Feeding West Leeds’ campaign


Did you know that more than 26,000 food parcels were handed out last year in Leeds alone? And children accounted for up to 47 per cent of all food parcel hand-outs across the city?

They’re statistics which shame us as a nation.

The campaign is in response to the rising numbers of people receiving emergency food packages. But those using foodbanks are just the tip of the iceberg, with many more struggling to feed their families and unable or unwilling to go to foodbanks.

Which is why your West Leeds Dispatch is today launching its Feeding West Leeds campaign. We have five main aims on a very local level:

  • To highlight the work of organisations helping west Leeds residents in need of food and help people access those groups.
  • To highlight local initiatives, such as community growing projects, which empower people to grow their own food.
  • Give local families going hungry a voice
  • Publicise the good things that are happening and show how local people and business can play their part in addressing this issue
  • And campaign and lobby the relevant authorities over legislation and red tape which leads to food poverty.

We’re kicking off our campaign today by featuring the Incredible Kirkstall group, and their campaign to get every family growing their own in a bid to alleviate food poverty.

You can get involved in Feeding West Leeds in a number of ways. You can make food donations to help those in need (details to follow), you can join one of the self-help groups we’re about to publicise or you can set your own group up. And that’s just for starters.

Together we can reduce food poverty in west Leeds and its impact on west Leeds’ families. Stay tuned …



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