Crisis meeting secures immediate future of Armley Conservative Club


A crisis meeting has been held to secure the future of Armley Conservative Sports and Social Club, writes Martin Heaton.

The meeting was held to try and encourage some of the members to join the committee and help in running the club.

President Chris Stockdale and secretary David Stockdale  were running the meeting. David Stockdale said:

“There are only five members on the committee and they are having to spend more and more of their time trying to organise events and generally helping with bingo, raffles etc.

“The Treasurer has had to resign, for health and personal reasons. Which is why going forward extra help is urgently needed to save the club from eventually closing.”

A number of people approached David after the meeting and some signed up for the committee.

There are already a number of events organised – A Hallowe’en Party on 26th October, Bonfire party on 2nd November and The Enchanted Drag Race Show on 7th December plus Christmas and New Year entertainment to be announced.

Armley Conservative Club was established around 1895 and was based at The Dennison Hall.

It later moved to The Primrose Hall and then to its present location Farfield House Theaker Lane / Armley Ridge Road Leeds LS12 3NU.

Details of events and opening times can be found on the club’s website or Facebook.


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